2016 Vans BMX Street Invitational

Final Results: Vans BMX Street Invitational

The first ever Vans BMX Street Invitational was an absolute blast, as top riders from around the globe shredded the Vans Off The Wall Skatepark in Huntington Beach, CA. Riders and spectators on hand, including Steve and Paul Van Doren, witnessed insane riding throughout the day.

Broc Raiford won Section 1 by a full 5 points, doing a massive 180 up the planter gap and an up rail hard way over 360, alley-ooping into the wedge. Section 1 would finish out with Dakota Roche (7th Overall) hopping a massive gap to wallride 360 in front of his hometown crowd.

After placing 2nd in Section 1, Chad Kerley won Section 2 riding super dialed – lines with long manuals and nosemanuals, effortlessly throwing bars and whips into the mix.

Broc Raiford would win the Overall for the day, punctuated by winning Section 3 with a tooth to over grind to hard 180, then continuing the line with a barspin manual to rail grind hard 360 out.

The day ended with the Cult Best Trick Jam, and so many tricks worthy of a win went down.

Down the rail on the biggest stair set highlights:
Alex Donnachie (5th place Overall in the event) – crank arm grind to ice pick to fakie. Alex Kennedy (8th Overall) – tire ride to barspin 180. Reed Stark – 180 to backwards icepick grind.

Up rail highlights:
Bruno Hoffmann (2nd Overall) – ice to 360 off. Broc Raiford – up rail over hard 540. DeMarcus Paul – up rail tooth hanger to manual 180.

Devon Smillie (3rd overall) did a grind up the rail to hard 180, landing in a backwards manual to a forward manual, to grind hop over down the other rail.

Nathan Williams would win the briefcase full of cash for the Best Trick of the day – tire riding up a rail and gapping to a tire ride down a rail.

Broc Raiford Photo: Justin Kosman

Ty Morrow Photo: Justin Kosman

Andrew Castaneda Photo: Justin Kosman

Dakota Roche Photo: Justin Kosman

Overall Winner: Broc Raiford Photo: Justin Kosman

Best Trick Winner: Nathan Williams Photo: DMC

Section 1 Highlights

Section 2 Highlights

Section 3 Highlights