Van Doren Invitational BMX Bowl Jam Prelims

Van Doren Invitational at the Vans US Open Photo by: @bmxDMC

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PRELIMS RECAP – Friday July 26, 2013

There was an incredible vibe at the first-ever Van Doren Invitational as top BMX riders
shredded the concrete bowl.

Three riders from Heat 1 transferred to tomorrow’s 2pm final, with Chase Hawk posting the best score of the entire day to land at the top of the prelim leader board. He flowed the entire bowl with a style that is unmatched. SoCal native Daniel Sandoval had a barrage of technical tricks done huge to end up 3rd on the day, while Corey Bohan grabbed the 4th spot by also riding with an abundance of style and flow.

The top rider from Heat 2 was Dennis Enarson, who just returned from injuries to ride like his usual self – arguably the most complete rider in BMX today. Brian Foster, Tommy Dugan and Rob Darden advanced to the final as well.

Heat 3 saw Sergio Layos follow up on his recent success at XGames Barcelona to win the heat. Dan Foley and Geoff Slattery also advanced to the 10 rider final, with Geoff edging out Pat Casey on a tiebreaker.

Winner of Best Line: Chase Hawk blew minds with a seemingly endless line of hip transfers into and out of the deep bowl.

Winner of Best Trick: Brian Foster used speed combined with bike control skills for a crazy far blind 270 transfer into the deep bowl.


1. Chase Hawk
2. Dennis Enarson
3. Daniel Sandoval
4. Corey Bohan
5. Brian Foster
6. Tommy Dugan
7. Sergio Layos
8. Rob Darden
9. Dan Foley
10. Geoff Slattery
11. Pat Casey
12. Daniel Dhers
13. Andy Buckworth
14. Ryan Nyquist
15. Ronnie Napolitan
16. Sebastian Keep
17. Seth Klinger
18. Scotty Cranmer
19. Coco Zurita
20. Mike Clark
21. Ryan Guettler
22. Kevin Peraza
23. Justin Fouque
24. Jason Watts
25. Dave Dillewaard
26. Josh Harrington
27. Morgan Wade
28. Alex Hiam
29. Ben Hennon
30. Kevin Kalkoff
Best Line: Chase Hawk
Best Trick: Brian Foster

Download BMX BOWL JAM RESULTS: Final Prelims

Chase Hawk Photo by: @brandonmeans

Corey Bohan Photo by: @brandonmeans

Modest Mouse Photo by: @brandonmeans

Modest Mouse Photo by: @brandonmeans

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