2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup Mexico


Jason Watts Defends Vans BMX Pro Cup Series Mexico Title

 Sergio Layos Jumps to 2nd on Overall Series Scoreboard

 Angie Marino Takes Maiden Vans BMX Pro Cup Win + Boyd Hilder Makes His First Pro Cup Podium Appearance

 Watch Guadalajara Highlights Reel Here!

Boyd Hilder (3rd place), JasonWatts (1st place), Sergio Layos (2nd place)

Jason Watts

Guadalajara, MEXICO (August 27, 2018) – The 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup witnessed an incredible finish in Guadalajara, Mexico this past weekend as the industry’s leading professional men and women BMX riders battled for their last-chance at the podium before the series’ highly-anticipated World Championships finale. For the third and final Pro Tour event, defending Vans Pro Cup Guadalajara event winner Jason Watts triumphed yet again, surpassing his peers to mark his second consecutive victory in Mexico since 2017.

Merging smooth style with his signature manuals and seamless tricks at the Montenegro Skatepark, Watts remarked, “to win here again in Mexico feels absolutely amazing. I really like riding this park and with a bit of luck on my side, I somehow pulled through.”

Returning to the podium for a second time this season, Sergio Layos’ high speed riding and unyielding style unlocked unique lines that stunned the Montenegro crowd, including a massive 360 transfer that earned him Best Line award and second-place. Australia’s Boyd Hilder placed third, showcasing incredible technical consistency, and shaking up the overall series points rankings with a Canadian nose pick on the stone face wall.

Bringing women’s BMX to new heights, first place qualifier Angie Marino’s enormous no-hander bowl transfer and effortless big air style granted her the event’s Best Trick award and a hard-earned Vans BMX Pro Cup maiden victory. Women’s BMX legend and USA rider Nina Buitrago took second with a daring feeble grind bowl transfer, while theChilean rider Macarena Perez’s impressive tailwhip and high airs put her in third.

“Mexico couldn’t have been a better place to win my first Pro Cup,” Marino stated with sheer excitement. “The fans are so passionate, they gave me an extra push to go faster and higher because everyone gets so excited.”

The world title race continues, with pressure mounting on current Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion Larry Edgarand Spanish rider Teresa Azcoaga, who clinch the series lead against the world’s greatest professional BMX riders hungry for the coveted world title. The Vans BMX Pro Cup Series World Championships will take place in Málaga, Spain on September 23 to crown the official 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion. For complete results, highlights, and information athletes and more, please visit www.vansbmxprocup.com.


Sergio Layos

Boyd Hilder

Gary Young

Larry Edgar

Corey Walsh

Dennis Enarson and Corey Walsh

Cauan Madona

Dennis Enarson

Matty Cranmer

Netzer Parada

Andres Gatica and Pabel Marquez



  1. Jason Watts
  2. Sergio Layos
  3. Boyd Hilder
  4. Larry Edgar
  5. Gary Young
  6. Alex Hiam
  7. Kevin Peraza
  8. Kris Fox
  9. Matty Cranmer
  10. Corey Bohan
  11. Dennis Enarson
  12. Corey Walsh
  13. Cauan Madona
  14. Matt Cordova
  15. Andres Gatica
  16. Netzer Parada
  17. Parker Heath
  18. Pabel Marquez
  19. Jamie Cooper-Ellis
  20. Ronnie Napolitan

BEST TRICK – Sergio Layos with his 360 transfer from elbow to spine
BEST LINE – Gary Young with a step-up gap from the shallow bowl into the deep bowl, to massive table over the elbow

Pro Cup Results: Final  Semi-Final


1.  Larry Edgar – 258
2.  Sergio Layos – 248
3.  Alex Hiam – 240
4.  Dennis Enarson – 224
5.  Boyd Hilder – 198
6.  Jason Watts – 196
7.  Kevin Peraza – 180
8.  Gary Young – 176
9.  Matty Cranmer – 164
10.  Kris Fox – 156

Pro Cup Series Point Standings



Macarena Perez (3rd place), Angie Marino (1st place), Nina Buitrago (2nd Place)

Angie Marino

Nina Buitrago

Macarena Perez

Teresa Azcoaga

Margarita Valenzuela Meraz

Jesse Gregory

1. Angie Marino
2. Nina Buitrago
3. Macarena Perez
4. Teresa Azcoaga
5. Margarita Valenzuela Meraz
6. Jesse Gregory
7. Dayana Lopez
8. Tania Torres Reyes
9. Michelle Gomez

Women’s Results: Final  Semi-Final

1. Teresa Azcoaga – 258
2. Angie Marino – 250
3. Nina Buitrago – 218
4. Macarena Perez – 172
5. Ellie Chew – 146
6. Perris Benegas – 144
7. Jesse Gregory – 116
8. Nikita Ducarroz – 100
9. Hannah Roberts – 76
10. Margarita Valenzuela Merez – 72

Women’s Series Point Standings


The Vans BMX Pro Cup series debuted in 2017 as the world’s definitive platform for BMX park terrain competition, showcasing the most talented BMX athletes from across the globe. The Vans BMX Pro Cup kicks off its second season in Sydney, Australia as the series embarks on a four-stop world tour, concluding with the crowning of the 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion in Málaga, Spain. For more information on competition format, locations, athletes and sanctioning, please visit vansbmxprocup.com.

Photos by Rob Dolecki

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